Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Why India is becoming a preferable place for foreign companies to run a pharma franchise?

Various pharma companies in abroad are looking for partners in India for their pharma franchise business. There are many reasons that influence them to show interest in India based pharma franchise industry. We all are aware of the fact that India is a place where one can easily get cheap labor and innovation. The great minds working for technology development come up with latest equipments and machineries based of better technology for production of pharma products.

It’s becoming major attraction for foreign pharma companies who wish to run their pharma franchise business in different locations across the world. There are reasons to correlate this demand:
  • Better minds, better technology, better marketing- Indians are known for their intelligence. Here, in India, people are mostly taking help of their skills to accomplish their goals. Also, creativity is another reason by they are becoming favorite of foreign dealers. Better technology promotes better marketing of pharma products and franchise services.
  • Optimum utilization of resources- India is a home of certain types of ayurvedic or natural herbs. The country uses these resources adequately to produce pharma products. Optimum utilization of resources can be expected by investors.
  • Management skills- With good management skills, the business of India based pharma franchise can flourish with time. That’s another reason behind such demands.
  • Cheap labor- Here, foreign companies can get cheap skilled labor for practices.
  • Vast market- There is nothing as good as Indian market exposure. Companies can avail vast exposure and enhanced profit margins from pharma franchise business.
  •  Less competition- The pharma sector is experiencing less competition and therefore, these overseas companies are ready to make investment.   
The business of pharma franchise relies on good marketing and sales. Therefore, foreign companies are inclining towards India based pharma products vendors who would be interested in buying their pharma franchise for better growth and development.


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