Thursday, 22 December 2016

Pharma Franchise Monopoly - No Competition No Profit Sharing

What if you do some business and there is no competition? It would be the ideal situation for any business but for creating such smooth path one needs to go through many road blocks. There are several businesses which have monopoly in their field of work for its success utmost dedication and hard work is required.

What Is Franchise Monopoly?

Monopoly as many of us will be aware of is the exclusivity of the product that is held by the particular manufacturer. No manufacturer other than that particular is allowed to produce that particular product. For this the manufacturer needs to go through various process of licensing the patent and design of that product.

Franchise Monopoly is no different as the company which intent to take franchise gets the exclusive right to distribute, hold stock and market the franchised product in that country. No other franchise company can get the right to do the same as discussed earlier in that particular country.

Why Franchise Monopoly Required in Pharma Industry?

Pharma industry is at fast developing state and due to which many countries tries to sell their products in different countries. For which they either need to set up the infrastructure in that country or they can simply look for Pharma franchise company. The second option is most feasible and is widely accepted as it lowers the cost of investment. However the manufacturing company mainly look for numerous franchise companies having command in their regions but selecting one big fish is better than depending upon small fishes.

By meeting hands with one major company the manufacturing company gives its exclusive rights to the franchised company to manufacture, market, distribute and in some cases even decide the price range thus makes pharma franchise monopoly the owner in their own rights.

When to Approach Pharma Franchise Monopoly?

Franchising the business means that you are ready to take your business to untraveled territories but sometimes it is difficult for the company to realise whether they are prepared or whether there is still distance to travel to give pharma franchise monopoly. Following signs will definitely come in use when deciding about when to have pharma franchise monopoly:

  • Evaluation: Evaluating your business is really important as it will give you clear picture of the status. Check your status of sales and profitability for a period of two years and decide whether you are ready or not.
  • Proprietary: The product which you are manufacturing should be proprietary. It means that no other manufacturer should be making such product. Exclusivity of the product is key to success in pharma franchise monopoly.
  • Surveys: Surveys includes market insight research which helps in providing clarity to the manufacturing company. It is the surveys and market research which will inform whether there is another product of similar or kind of similar attributes. Once you have positive reports you are good to go.
  • Legalities: It is not necessary that the product manufactured by you is legal in other country. It is always wise to go through countries rules and regulations before opting for pharma franchise monopoly so that you don't find difficulties in doing business.


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